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The Mirror has Two Faces



The Mirror has Two Faces
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Besides the fact that I didn't see quite enough of hunky Pierce Brosnan, I found the movie The Mirror has Two Faces very entertaining. I'll admit, it was the first time I ever saw a Barbra Streisand film , and I left with a good impression.

Streisand plays the ugly-duckling college professor, Rose, who doesn't believe you need sex to have a happy marriage. Through her sisters' meddling, she meets another college professor ( male ) who agrees with her, and they get married. After a few months, Rose gets sick of him.

Deciding her theory was wrong, Rose leaves him, and with the help of her meddlesome mother - excellently portrayed by Lauren Bacall, Rose does a "total" makeover. Her next move is stealing her sister's husband (Brosnan), who had originally dated Rose, but then decided he preferred her attractive sister. Now that Rose is extremely attractive as well, Bronson wastes no time leaving Rose's sister. Suddenly, Rose decides she doesn't like him any more either, and walks out on him - and from the look on his face, probably becomes the first woman ever to do so. While this occurs, Rose's college professor husband is in Europe, missing her terribly. Will they get back together? Go straight to the video store, and rent this movie immediately.

It was a fun movie.

My Rating = Three Stars

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