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What I don't understand is why an accomplished actress like Mira Sorvino would waste her time littering the screen with a script like this. I mean, she won an Academy Award! You'd think she could find a better role!

Sorvino portrays Dr. Susan Tyler, an entomologist, or a bug specialist. In order to halt a deadly childhood disease, she crossbreeds two bugs to create a predator for the cockroach, which is now carrying the deadly disease. This eradicates the disease, but it leaves behind a new developing species crawling around, mutating, and enlarging in New York's "below-the- subway" subway system. Three years later, the bug has mutated and is now emulating humans - its predator. Yeah, right.

What it lacks in plot, it certainly doesn't make up for in special effects! All I saw was one bucket of slime after another. The bugs looked fake and plasticky. With the computer-imaging technology available today, you'd think they could do better!

My Rating = Two Stars

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