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The Mighty



The Mighty
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The Mighty is a well-done drama starring Sharon Stone (who'd have thought she could act?)

Stone plays the mother of a crippled boy who calls himself Freak. He befriends a learning-disabled boy named Kevin and they go on "quests", pretending to be "Knights of the Round Table". The way Freak puts it is, "I need legs, and you need a brain."

Their quests include outsmarting the school bullies, returning a woman's stolen purse, and proving themselves as knights. Meanwhile, Kevin is haunted by his past (his father went to jail for murder and has recently been paroled, placing Kevin in possible danger). Also, we learn later on in the story that Freak is dying.

I liked the artistic way that ordinary scenes were depicted in two ways: as they actually happened, and then with old-fashioned knights and horses showing how things looked to the characters. First you see... Freak fending off the bullies with a trash can lid, then you see him waving an armored shield around, and then it's just a trash can lid again. This gives you a lot of insight into the characters.

My Rating = Three Stars

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