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Most people envision angels as white-robed, blonde women with wings and gold halos. Gag, gag. Not according to Hollywood. Refreshingly original , the film, Michael, is about the archangel Michael (John Travolta), a fortyish, flabby smoker and sugar freak. Michael does everything that angels are not supposed to do - he smokes , participates in barroom brawls, chases women, etc... I almost expected Michael to lose his wings (yes, he does have wings; no halo though, I wonder why?) and be locked out of Heaven by the end of the movie.

Despite the fact that Michael may sound about as angelic as the devil himself, he still winds up doing plenty of good things. Two reporters and a so-called "angel expert" research him, and discover that there is much they don't know about him - and a lot that he can do for them.

Michael is attempting to create a romance between the angel expert , and one of the reporters. Supposedly, this is Michael's last trip to earth, his last blast. Will he succeed at matchmaking, or will he wind up going back to Heaven with nothing to show for himself but a beer gut and a dusty old pair of wings? See this hilarious, surprising movie to find out - but don't expect Michael to grant you any miracles just because you shelled out the dough to see his movie.

My Rating = Three Stars

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