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The Mexican



The Mexican
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The Mexican is hardly the perfect romantic comedy. In fact, the main characters Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt spend 99.9999% of the movie fighting with each other- when they are with each other, which isn't often- so it's only romantic for about five minutes. It's comical for about ten minutes, so in comparison I suppose that's an improvement.

Adequate is the best adjective I can use to describe The Mexican.

Pitt and Roberts break up at the beginning - he ignores her in favor of his criminal activities, and she feels neglected. She spends most of the movie whining about relationship issues and other annoying psychobabble. (Personally, I thought Pitt was right - her character struck me as babyish and self-centered.)

At any rate, Pitt is sent to Mexico so he can steal a very expensive and legendary gun. Unfortunately, he is a lousy criminal and screws up everything he does. Plus, he repeatedly runs into bad luck - for instance, his car, with the stolen gun - and a telltale bloodstain - is stolen.

Meanwhile, Pitt's "boss" has Roberts kidnapped and held hostage. In a mildly diverting subplot, she befriends her gay kidnapper. They travel to Vegas where she helps him get a new boyfriend, while Pitt continues his struggles in Mexico.

As far as I'm concerned, the best thing The Mexican has to offer is Brad Pitt. Sure there are a few funny scenes, but basically it fails at comedy. At least, it is far less comical than the newspaper ad's' "roaringly laughable and successful comedy" would suggest.

The cast is excellent, but they have nothing to work with. I'd wait for this one to come out on video.

My Rating = Two Stars

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