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Eddie Murphy stars in the intense drama, and wonderfully funny comedy, Metro.

Murphy plays a cop whose good friend, another cop, is shot. While the police reasonably try to keep him from becoming involved in the case, because his personal feelings could obviously get in the way, he doesn't want to stay out of it. Little does he know that a seemingly unrelated case will lead him to the killer.

In one scene, Murphy actually gets a gun to the killer's head and is surely tempted to shoot him - for killing his friend. When he doesn't, it shows that his character has a lot of self-restraint and common sense (killing the guy would have cost him his job, etc...). But here's my problem: I knew he wasn't going to waste the guy, so there was no suspense. This film could have been a bit less blatantly transparent.

Meanwhile, a subplot about his ex-girlfriend, whom Murphy desperately wants to win back, is rather predictable. However, Murphy's acting is terrific, and, as usual in his films, there is plenty of humor to keep the plot rolling. (It was sort of funny that she kept saying, "Troy was so disappointed that you didn't come to see him". I thought Troy was Murphy's kid, but halfway through the movie we find out Troy is a dog!) Plenty of great action scenes, and remarkable acting make Metro a good rental movie.

My Rating = Three Stars

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