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Mercury Rising



Mercury Rising
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Bruce Willis stars in Mercury Rising an original if rather obvious thriller.

Willis' character, Art Jeffries is a specially trained F.B. I. agent that got out of line (after a bank robbery where children were shot and he was unable to save them) and later punched his boss. Now he has been demoted to much less exciting work. He is sent to investigate an apparent murder-suicide, which is really an elaborate cover-up by the U.S. government. Apparently Simon (Miko Hughes), an autistic child, cracked a government super code that was inadvertently slipped into a puzzle magazine to test "its inability to be cracked". As Lt. Colonel Nicholas Kudrow (well portrayed by Alec Baldwin) puts it, "So our code is an open book to people of diminished capacity?"

Actually, Simon is highly intelligent - boy genius level - but lacks the ability to relate to other people, even his recently murdered parents. Art is the only one who suspects foul play, and winds up breaking the law to protect Simon, and going out on the line to save Simon.

You see the ending coming, but the action scenes were terrific.

My Rating = Three Stars

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