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Men in Black



Men in Black
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Men in Black is one of those movies that you need a sense of humor to enjoy. You also have to be able to overlook the ridiculous plot, cheesy special effects ( I couldn't decide if the stupid-looking aliens were insects, swamp creatures, or what!....) - and the occasional bit of corny dialogue to enjoy it. If you're like me, and think that sounds like fun, you should see it.

This movie saunters along at its own pace, no piling on too much action all at once, but there's never a dull moment in it either. Will Smith stars as an NYPD cop being introduced to the "Men in Black" program - a group of men which monitors extraterrestials - most of whom happen to be big celebs. ( Incidentally, this movie proves itself sexist by having scores of men and one woman on the team.) Anyway, Tommy Lee Jones is training Smith. This results in some funny scenes with skeptic Smith and deadpan believer Jones. Not to mention that Smith makes fun of his weapon, a gun which would more easily fit into an action figure doll's hand; then he nearly blows up the whole city of New York the first time he fires it. (You'd think Jones could have warned him.) And, oh yeah, to beat traffic in order to save the world, they cruise upside down through a tunnel in a car that looks like a twin to Batman's batmobile.

If you are the type of person who can laugh at stupid stuff, you'll love this movie, too, but I certainly wouldn't recommend it for "sticks-in-the-mud" who demand credibility from the movies!

My Rating = Three Stars

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