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Meet Joe Black



Meet Joe Black
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Meet Joe Black is wonderful movie that, despite being three hours and eleven minutes long, kept me captivated till its end.

Meet Joe Black does have a great plot, but it wouldn't matter if it didn't, because it stars Brad Pitt, and I could look at him for three hours anyway. Frankly, the subject of this movie could have been about the composition of dirt and it would still have held my attention.

Seriously, the plot is quite complicated and thought-provoking. Pitt, of course, is Joe Black - or so he says. In reality, he is Death in a human body. Death - or Joe - has come to claim a rich communications magnate (Anthony Hopkins) about to reach his sixty-fifth birthday. However, Joe becomes sidetracked when he falls in love with Hopkins' daughter. She, too, falls in love with him, despite already being involved with her father's back-stabbing assistant.

Aside from being great to look at, Pitt is a powerful actor, and so are all his costars in Meet Joe Black. (Hopkins, for example, was much more enjoyable here than in his last film, The Edge.) Although generally serious, this film also contained some humor - like Joe's fixation with peanut butter. (Hey, that's not so weird - it's good stuff. Of course, refusing the main course of a fancy dinner and requesting only peanut butter is a bit rude.)

My Rating = Four Stars

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