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Mary Reilly



Mary Reilly
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Mary Reilly, loosely based on the novel Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, contains no big surprises, but is nonetheless entertaining.

Of course, anyone who's read the book knows the plot - and the end - but it manages to hold your attention anyway. Julia Roberts is Mary Reilly, the servant of Dr. Jekyll (John Malkovich). True to the book, some strange things become apparent about Dr. Jekyll: bloody handkerchiefs (well, he IS a doctor, but still, this IS a horror flick) and strange midnight trips out. The servants all gossip about him, but no one knows his dark secrets. Mary is sent on confidential errands to deliver messages for Dr. Jekyll.

Malkovich does an excellent job of acting creepy and mysterious, and Roberts is convincing as the timid maid. While not the best horror flick ever made, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is definitely worth renting.

My Rating = Three Stars

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