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Something about Mary



Something about Mary
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Something about Mary, an imbecile comedy from the people who made Dumb and Dumber and Kingpin, is not a letdown. This is as full of stupid stunts as both other movies, and I laughed continously.

The Mary mentioned in the title is a beautiful woman with about five men after her - all of them hopelessly in love with her. One of them is an old boyfriend (Matt Dillon) that she almost went to the prom with in high school. (At the beginning we see how he goes to the bathroom, zips his fly and, well, gets something caught in it. Rushed to the hospital, he obviously can't go to the prom, and then Mary moves away. He never sees her again.)

Thirteen years later, he still hasn't forgotten her, and hires a seedy private eye to find out what happened to her. Well, the private eye falls in love with her too. By the end of the movie, five guys are vying for Mary's attention - four of them are bordering on being stalkers. I don't know why Mary would want with any of these nutcases - but Something About Mary is a terrific movie. If you enjoyed Dumb and Dumber and Kingpin you'll love this one even more!

My Rating = Four Stars

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