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Man with One Red Shoe



Man with One Red Shoe
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While Man with One Red Shoe is one of Tom Hanks earlier movies, it's certainly not one of his best. Although amusing, this film was nothing compared to some of his later roles, such as the powerfully acted Apollo 13 or the terrific romantic comedy You've Got Mail.

Hanks is Richard Drew, a dorky musician who becomes mixed up in an unrealistic government scheme purely by chance. (Incidentally, the government agents and their scheme were a little too stupid, even for a comedy.) Meanwhile, Drew has problems of his own: he is a frustrated composer who just can't finish writing the piece that he has been working on; his best friend's slightly wacky wife desperately wants to sleep with him; and aside from her rejected advances, his love life is totally dead.

When the bumbling government idiots sufficiently screw up his life, all kinds of confusion ensues, and some hilarious scenes result. (By the end of the movie, Richard's best friend has seen so many "imaginary" dead bodies that he ends up in a mental hospital.) Also, Richard falls into a predictable but comical romance with one government agent, who was originally supposed to spy on him.

While Man with One Red Shoe wasn't the best movie I've seen, it does contain some great comedy (especially a concert scene where everything is disastrous), and, although Hanks is the only likeable character in this film, the others lend to the humor of his situation.

My Rating = Two Stars

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