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Malice takes so many twists and turns that when I recently watched it on TV my head was spinning by the first commercial break.

Nicole Kidman, George C. Scott, and Alec Baldwin are the stars - what a cast! Kidman plays a woman who is an accomplished conniver, schemer, and liar. This character is also a convincing actress - she has everyone, including her own husband, thinking that she is a sweet, wonderful person. After all, she does volunteer at the hospital day care center five days a week, and does every other nice, normal thing you can imagine.

Secretly, she is very cunning. She and a doctor (Baldwin) have hatched a plan: she will sue the hospital he works for over a mistake that they both planned he'd make. She will get twenty million dollars, and then run off with him. Her clueless husband (Scott) will never know the truth.

But things go wrong. Scott finds out what happened and tries to blackmail her. Along the way, he learns that she lied to him about nearly everything, and that Baldwin isn't who he pretends to be either.

The action, suspense, and plot twists make Malice a truly thrilling thriller.

And, the end of the movie was almost laughable in its simplicity and irony (don't read any further if you don't want to know the end): To make a long story short, Scott helps the police lay a trap for Kidman and she is hauled off to jail. Amazingly, I almost found myself sympathizing with this character, ruthless and malicious as she is, because I could easily imagine how frustrating it would be to end up in her situation (behind bars for an incredibly stupid little mistake). You can just imagine how she must be kicking herself. (Although I've never committed any crimes, I do know what it feels like to have a seemingly good plan blow up in my face!) To have a murder plot go bad must be unthinkably maddening! Only one thing: Kidman's character is so delightfully crafty and resourceful, I was sure she was planning an escape from jail at the end of the movie. I'm surprised a sequel hasn't been made yet...

My Rating = Four Stars

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