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Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown



Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown
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Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown includes many difficult-to-define, quickly uttered old English words (like fain), a pyramid of detailed, historical facts about the British monarchy, and too many mediocre British actors to remain entertaining. I kept thinking that maybe if Keanu Reeves appeared, he could save the movie from being an "insufferable bore" as the British would say, but alas, he didn't show up, and the movie swiftly went downhill.

To outline the plot: Back in sixteen-hundred something, Queen Victoria of England married a prince. When he died young from a flu, she kept grieving for an inordinately, lengthy time. And, her entire servant staff, and everyone in the household was forced to remain in mourning with her. (They couldn't even talk at a meal with the Queen, unless she addressed them.) Finally, one of her servants, hoping to cheer her up - and get her back to Queenly duties - sends for Mr. Browne, a servant of her dead husband's. Immediately and predictably, Mr. Browne cheers her up, and a romance of sorts seems to arise between Queen Victoria and Mr.Browne .

Unless you are a big history buff, or happen to have been the Queen of England in a former life, you'll find this movie interminable. (When, I kept thinking, will it get moving?)

My Rating = One Star

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