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You've Got Mail



You've Got Mail
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You've Got Mail is truly a romantic comedy for the nineties. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks play Internet pals who fall in love while exchanging email.

What they don't know is that in real life, Joe Fox's (Hanks) new super-bookstore is in direct competition with Kathleen Kelly's (Ryan) little children's book store. While having a much-publicized store-war, they email every day. (They are careful to avoid personal details about their lives, which explains why they never suspect anything.) At first, both are involved with other people (who don't know about the online romance, of course!) However, it is quite apparent that they're both with the wrong person.

While I knew how this typical plot was going to end from the previews, there was enough lively comedy and facial emotions (especially on Hanks!) to keep the movie rolling. Although Ryan and Hanks were both excellent in the previous Sleepless in Seattle movie, I preferred them in You've Got Mail. If you liked Sleepless in Seattle, you're sure to love You've Got Mail!

My Rating = Three Stars

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