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Mr. Magoo



Mr. Magoo
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Mr. Magoo has one thing working in its favor: Lesley Nielson. Without him, this movie would have been your typical kiddie comedy: boring for anyone over the age of ten.

Nielson plays Mr. Magoo, a half-blind old man who refuses to see a new eye doctor (apparently his is a quack who doesn't prescribe eyeglasses). Because of his near-blindness, he is always mistaking something or someone for something else entirely. Naturally, he causes quite a commotion, cutting electrical cords instead of ribbons, and the like. In fact, he even mistakes a precious, priceless jewel that happens to fall into his fishing tackle box for a worthless object that his dog can fetch!

Bad guys come after him, but he unknowingly outwits them, and they don't get the jewel! Finally, two bickering agents enlist his nephew's help (one agent is from the FBI, the other the CIA, and both are worthless idiots). Magoo winds up in Brazil, dressed up like a woman and tumbling over Niagara-sized waterfalls with the gem in his bra.

Don't ask. Just see the movie.

My Rating = Three Stars

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