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Magic in the Water



Magic in the Water
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Magic in the Water is a comfortable, easy-going family movie. Divorced Jack Black spends little time with his two kids, so he agrees to take them on a vacation - to a rustic cabin by a lake. Once there,he pays no attention to them. Ashley (10 years old) soon discovers a lake monster named Orky, and she feeds him Oreos. Her older brother, Josh (Joshua Jackson) only wants to go for a boat ride. An accident occurs, and Jack's body becomes inhabited by Orky - the sea monster. But the legendary lake monster is sick because two creeps are polluting his lake. Can the Blacks save Orky? Or will Orky perish in the chemicals that the lake is now made of? Will the villains be beat? This is a gentle, mild sort of family movie. Very relaxing, and fun for little kids. I recommend it for families with small children.

My Rating = Three Stars

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