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Madeleine is the nice, cute, sweet story based on the book of the same name. And, well, if that's what you're looking for in a movie, then you've got it.

Madeleine is the cute little red- haired girl who lives in a church-run orphanage and constantly disturbs the nun who is in charge of the girls. She falls off a bridge and is rescued by a dog - whom she later brings home as a pet, although no pets are allowed. She has her appendix taken out and nearly causes the nun to faint when she displays her scar. On the ride home from the hospital, she makes friends with the chicken that the cook later serves for dinner. Promptly deciding that she can't eat the chicken, Madeleine becomes a vegetarian and convinces the other girls to refuse to eat the chicken, too. (Well, I didn't see anything wrong with that. This teaches kids respect for animals.) She later gets in a fight with a little boy in the neighborhood and all the girls get punished. The nun is at her wit's end.

Of course, that isn't what I look for in a movie, and I noticed that most of the people in the theatre had small children - mostly girls. (I heard one little boy griping, "I really didn't want to see this," to his sister and parents.) I could understand how he felt. When I was eight I might have enjoyed this movie a lot - but, for now, I was bored.

My Rating = Two Stars

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