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Love and Basketball



Love and Basketball
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Love and Basketball begins promisingly enough, but that's the problem: All the good stuff is at the beginning of this movie, and it quickly dries up.

The movie is divided into quarters (like basketball games, I'm guessing) and the first quarter starts when eleven-year-old Monica Wright (Sanaa Lathan) moves into a new neighborhood. She challenges several neighborhood boys to a game of basketball, and that's how her relationship with Quincy (Omar Epps) begins.

Later, in their senior year of high school, Monica and Quincy, now both aspiring professional basketball players, get romantically involved. Their romance lasts through a few months of college, and then they break up. They don't see each other for five years, at which point Quincy is engaged to someone else.

Love and Basketball was amusing and quick-paced for the first forty-five minutes, but then it started to drag. It is ridiculously obvious what is going to happen. If this movie traveled a road of highly entertaining scenes to reach its obvious final destination, that would be forgivable. However, the entertaining dialogue ends around the time that Monica and Quincy break up, and from that point on the movie just limps along like an injured athlete.

Even basketball fans might not necessarily enjoy this movie, because it lacks many actual basketball scenes. (That was one of the movie's good points, in my opinion.)But since the plot is lacking too, I still didn't like it.

My Rating = Two Stars

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