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Love at First Bite



Love at First Bite
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Some of the best comedies are disguised as horror movies. This one, Dracula: Love at First Bite is a prime example.

After existing "undead" for centuries, Dracula is evicted from his mansion in Transylvania. Subsequently, Dracula joined by his trusty servant, Renfield, journeys to modern-day America (covered with 1970's automobiles, no less) in search of Dracula's long lost love, Cindy, who is presently reincarnated as a New York model. In America he runs into many obstacles. First, he must avoid the sun as usual or risk turning to ash; second, he must steal Cindy away from her on-again, off-again, psychiatrist boyfriend (she's always cheating on him anyway). Not to mention that Dracula's coffin accidentally gets mixed up with someone else's coffin and he winds up in a church, being eulogized. Right when the preacher says, "When you're dead, nothing brings you back," Dracula opens his coffin and sits up, naturally causing pandemonium in the church.

It's this sort of bizarre, but harmless, humor meandering throughout the movie which makes Dracula: Love at First Bite a most engaging PG film for all ages.

My Rating = Three Stars

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