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Lost in Space



Lost in Space
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Lost in Space is a movie critic's nightmare. Although it is a terribly tedious film, it's sure to be a big hit anyway, so by giving it a bad review, I'm dooming myself to hordes of hate mail.

The plot of Lost in Space is so ridiculously simplistic that all I need to say is it's exactly that - the story of a family lost in space. The details: it takes place in the year 2058, and chronicles the adventures of the famous Robinson television family. The characters are as downright exasperating as the cliche lines. At one point young Will Robinson says, "Robot, won't you be my friend?" I wanted to gag on my popcorn. There was more saccharin in that line than in my jumbo Diet Coke.

I thought the movie would never end - it seemed to stretch on for several hours. As for the hyped up special effects, they certainly live up to the hype, but, honestly, they just gave me eyestrain. All I can says is that I wish Lost in Space had gotten lost on its way to movie theatres.

My Rating = One Star

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