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The Loser



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While Loser has a few mildly entertaining moments, this movie is basically a loser.

As you might have surmised, Loser is about a loser - a college kid who is anything but popular with his roommates and classmates. The problem is that he is just no fun to be with - he acts like a stodgy, over-the-hill forty-year-old.

Then he meets a girl - who, unfortunately, is already sleeping with her professor. But it's ridiculously obvious that she and the loser will end up together in the end anyway.

The only scene I enjoyed was when girlfriend launched into a monologue about all the people she hated. But later she turned into a nice, sweet, stereotypical movie character again.

Unless you have no taste in movies, or have a thing for dumb, pointless college movies, The Loser isn't worth your time.

My Rating = One Star

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