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Loose Cannons



Loose Cannons
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Dan Aykroid should take "acting-like-a-crazy-person" lessons from Jack Nicholson, who did an excellent job of portraying an obsessive-compulsive personality in As Good as it Gets. Aykroid is supposed to have multiple personalities in Loose Cannon, a "stupid spy" movie, and while he does do quite a lot of acting nutty, he comes off like a complete idiot, rather than like someone with a serious mental problem.

Aykroid plays Gene Hackman's new partner on the cop beat (it's supposed to be a secret that his police chief uncle pulled some strings and got him on the force), and naturally annoys Hackman - especially when Hackman is forced to move in with Aykroid and work on a case with him. Despite the fact that he goes around acting like someone with a single digit IQ, Aykroid is supposed to have a "genius, analytical mind", and does expertly assess some situations. Yeah, right.

This movie offers some minor amusement value, and if you're into mind-numbingly idiotic comedy (think George of the Jungle with stronger language and more violence) it might entertain you.

My Rating = Two Stars

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