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Look Who's Talking



Look Who's Talking
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In Look Who's Talking Kirstie Alley plays Molly, a naive idiot. She's having an affair with a married man, whom she actually believes will one day leave his wife and daughter for her. Worse yet, she apparently never considered the fact that he might be cheating on both her and his wife, with a third woman!

Just as you'd expect in this sort of movie, Molly gets pregnant. Her boyfriend once again promises to leave his wife so he and Molly can move in together. That very day, she catches him making out with another woman in a department store dressing room. Then she goes into labor.

John Travolta plays the cab driver who drives Molly to the hospital - rather recklessly, to say the least - and later decides to pursue her romantically. He does this by offering to baby-sit a few times a week, and tells her dates lies. Not that any of them are prizes anyway - Travolta would obviously make a much better husband and father than any of these losers.

In other words, Look Who's Talking is a predictable movie from start to finish. However, it does contain plenty of comical material to distract you from the fact that you know what's going to happen. And who wouldn't want to watch Travolta play this role with his usual smug, wisecracking flair?

My Rating = Two Stars

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