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The Man Who Knew Too Little



The Man Who Knew Too Little
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The Man Who Knew Too Little is a somewhat diverting, but for the most part uninteresting, comedy with at least one good attribute: it beats Bill Murray on an elephant's back, as he was for most of his last film, Larger Than Life. In his latest attempt at a hit movie, Murray plays a clueless guy visiting his brother in England. In a clever endeavor to get rid of him for the night, his brother sends him to a sort of interactive, audience participation play. Somehow - the movie was confusing - he winds up being chased by actual gangsters, and actual police. It becomes very difficult to tell who's "real" and who's not, and it isn't worth the strain on your brain.

Murray's acting was, at best, serviceable, but with such corny lines, you have to give him credit for doing the best he could. Kids might enjoy this senseless comedy, and it does have some entertainment value, but it was just too stupid for me. I prefer something with real drama and plot, like The Rainmaker.

My Rating = Two Stars

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