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A Life Less Ordinary



A Life Less Ordinary
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This hilariously ludicrous film, A Life Less Ordinary kept me laughing, only because it was so preposterous.

Cameron Diaz plays the bizarrely kooky daughter of a ridiculously rich businessman. Example: she likes to shoot apples off people's heads, and when her annoying fiance accidentally moves while posing for her, she shoots him through the head! - by accident, of course.

Enter Jake, a janitor at her father's office building. Enraged because he has been replaced by a robot, he visits her father, who is in the middle of chewing her out. When Jake kidnaps her, a romance develops, and she decides to stick with Jake, even though she has many opportunities to escape.

I have two problems with this: one, nobody would be crazy enough to pass up an opportunity to escape their abductor, even a non-violent, totally stupid one like Jake. Two, this struck me as very reminiscent of Alicia Silverstone's latest endeavor, Excess Baggage. Although A Life Less Ordinary had even more laughably outrageous scenes than Excess Baggage, the premise was almost identical, and the end pretty obvious.

Still, there's enough laughable "filler" in this movie to make it worthwhile.

My Rating = Two Stars

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