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Life Stinks



Life Stinks
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I thought that Life Stinks sounded like a good movie because that's how I feel most of the time, and I figured any movie titled after my usual attitude had to be perfect.

Not so. Entertaining, perhaps, but not nearly as amusing as I expected. Mel Brooks is a disgustingly rich businessman who wants to buy some property in the slum area of town. Another businessman wants to purchase it as well claiming he was raised in this area and that Brooks couldn't survive for five minutes there. Brooks decides to make a bet with him: If he manages to spend thirty days in the slums without any cash, credit cards, or anything of value, he gets the property. If he can't survive, he leaves and his opponent gets the property.

Well it's obvious he's in for quite a culture shock. One minute he has hired help dashing around to answer his every whim; the next he's sleeping on the street and eating in shelters among the homeless.

There are some laughable scenes, but I wasn't particularly endeared to any of the characters. I must say the plot was pretty original, but not necessarily that inviting. Although the acting was favorable, the ending was too obvious.

My Rating = Two Stars

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