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Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence star in the wonderful movie Life.

Comedic but also serious at times, this film chronicles the lives of two convicts (Lawrence and Martin) sentenced to life in prison. (This happens in the 1930's when both are young men with big future plans.) At first they don't get along well, as they blame each other for being falsely accused of murder. (Actually, a cop set them up.) Eventually, as their time in prison wears on, they do become friends, and they never give up attempting escape, even in their old age.

I enjoyed Life, although it wasn't entirely your typical Eddie Murphy movie. I think the difference is that it had more depth than most of Murphy's films, although his movies are usually so funny that you don't care anyway. Murphy was obviously moving in this direction with his last film, Holy Man, but he is more successful with Life.

My Rating = One Star

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