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Liar, Liar



Liar, Liar
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Of all the unrealistic movies I've seen, Liar, Liar has to be the pinnacle of unrealism. It's also the pinnacle of hilarious.

Here's the plot: Jim Carrey portays Fletcher Reed, a lawyer who is a good father, but just can't find enough time for his son, Max. When he misses Max's birthday party, Max wishes on his birthday cake that for just one day, his dad couldn't tell a lie. Careful what you wish for - Reed begins telling nothing but the truth. Not to mention that he really needs his lying abilities to appear in court, as he represents a client that no other lawyer would take on for moral reasons. She wants half her husband's money when they divorce, even though she signed a prenuptual agreement that stated she wouldn't get anything if she cheated on him - which she did.

How will Fletcher make it through a day in court? Will he find a way to worm out of it? Will he become a better father? Rent this extremely funny family comedy to find out.

My Rating = Four Stars

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