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Let it Ride



Let it Ride
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Richard Dreyfuss stars in the comical, if unbelievable, movie Let it Ride.

Dreyfuss plays Jay Trotter, a guy whose marriage is on the rocks. For New Years, he and his estranged wife decide to move in together, and write up two long lists of resolutions. One of his is that he won't gamble anymore.

At least not until he gets a hot tip on a "sure thing" at the racetrack. Surprisingly, he wins a great deal of money - and continues to bet it all, again and again, on current races. Pretty soon he's up to almost seventy grand - but he stands to lose it all if he doesn't win the next race. This is insane - what kind of an idiot takes a chance at gambling away that much money?

Dreyfuss's performance is serviceable, and Let it Ride,/EM> was, for the most part, quite engaging. Stupid maybe, but engaging.

My Rating = Two Stars

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