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Lethal Weapon 4



Lethal Weapon 4
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Lethal Weapon 4 is an action-packed comedic thriller starring Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Rene Russo, and Chris Rock.

Gibson and Glover are cops who get in so much trouble that their boss wants to fire them - but he can't, because they really are pretty good at doing their job. Finally, he promotes them to Captains so they'll be out of his hair, instructing them to stay out of trouble.

Easier said than done. After catching some immigrants sneaking into the country, Glover big-heartedly allows some to stay at his house rather than be deported. Meanwhile, he and Gibson continue to investigate the people that they believe are in charge of sneaking the immigrants in. And let's not forget that Gibson's girlfriend - that's Russo - is expecting a baby any day now. So is Glover's daughter, whom he doesn't know is married to a young cop (Chris Rock). Glover becomes suspicious when Rock is always so nice to him and suspects that it's because Rock is gay! (Gibson encourages him to believe this, which leads to some very comical scenes.)

Lethal Weapon 4 was very amusing, although a little obvious at times. I don't usually pay much attention to special effects, but I had to notice these were incredible! Much comedy was also provided so that it wasn't straight shoot-em-up action the whole way through.

My Rating = Three Stars

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