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Leave it to Beaver



Leave it to Beaver
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This one should have stayed in black and white, forever remaining a show that played annoying reruns that few bothered to watch. But no, some idiot had to make it into a movie!

As most of you probably know, it's about the Cleaver family: Ward, June, Wally, and Beaver, i.e., the most annoying kid on the silver screen. He pulls stupid stunts that would never happen in real life, upsetting his perfect parents, and he gets on perfect older brother Wally's nerves.

Ward, the perfect father is unrealistic in that he rarely gets aggravated, let alone mad at his kids. June is downright sickening. She is apparently unaware that this is the nineties; women actually wear pants in this era, and they never vacuum in a dress and pearls. And the happy homemaker bit is too overdone. She bakes brownies, cooks fabulous meals and is the perfect mother. Please, I think I'm going to hurl! If that isn't bad enough, there is a subplot about Wally's first girlfriend which I found pointless and boring.

Leave it to Beaveris only good if you have small children, but, be smart, send them to the theater with their friends' parents.

My Rating = Two Stars

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