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The Last Starfighter



The Last Starfighter
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The Last Starfighter is a ridiculous futuristic sci-fi film along the lines of Star Wars.

A teenage boy who wants to impress a girl he likes but can't even impress any colleges into accepting him spends a lot of time playing the video game Starfighter. One night he wins the game, earning the highest score ever.

Later that night, a spaceship type vehicle drops out of the sky, the driver asks if he is the one who won the game, and then invites him into the vehicle. Soon, they're hurtling effortlessly through space, and we learn that the driver is an alien when he removes his face and eyeballs.

Yeah, The Last Starfighter is intellectual stuff. It doesn't even seem that original; everything comes off looking like a rip-off of practically every sci-fi film ever made. The acting was basically ok but could use some work too, and the characters weren't very intriguing.

My Rating = Two Stars

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