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Larger Than Life



Larger Than Life
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The star of United Artists' latest, Larger Than Life, is just that - larger than life. Tai, an enormous elephant, is Bill Murray's inheritance from his father, who disappeared years earlier. Now, Murray has to deliver the elephant ( across the USA, no less ) to either a "no-nonsense" zookeeper (Janeane Garofalo) in charge of a breeding genepool experiment with elephants or to a cruel animal trainer (Linda Fiorentino) who zaps her animals with electric rods to get them to behave.

Murray has a few vaguely amusing experiences on his cross country trip, and I'm sure that young children, and/or animal lovers will probably find the elephant's stunts hilarious. As for me, it was yawn...yawn...yawn...yawn...

My Rating = One Star

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