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The Langoliers



The Langoliers
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I read most of The Langoliers by Stephen King (what a genius!) before I saw the movie version, and surprisingly only a few things were changed, leaving most of King's original brilliant material in the movie, The Langoliers.

Imagine yourself waking up on a large jet with about ten other people - but before you fell asleep, the plane was filled to its capacity of a couple hundred. Even the pilot is gone! How did this happen? Where'd everybody go?

That's pretty much the scenario in The Langoliers, when a school teacher, a blind girl in need of an operation, a pilot who is a passenger for once, a terribly irritating businessman, and several others find themselves alone on their jet plane. Fortunately, the pilot manages to land the plane - in a strangely deserted airport. The plot gets much more complex and detailed later on (between the two tapes, the movie is six hours long, but it seems like much less).

A marvelous rental movie - especially if you have lots of time to kill, enjoyably.

My Rating = Three Stars

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