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L.A. Confidential



L.A. Confidential
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If L.A. Confidential had stopped after the first hour - the only part of the movie that held my attention- it would have been enjoyable. After that, it just got too lengthy and complicated so monotony quickly set in.

Ed Exley (Guy Pierce) is a do-good L.A.P.D. cop who's such a nerdy little twerp that he actually says such melodramatically comical lines as: "Justice must be served." Apparently, he is also a humanitarian who can't get up the guts to shoot anybody. That's fine, but someone like that just is not cut out for police work. Then he earns a medal of valor for shooting three African - Americans suspected of murdering two policemen. Actually, Exley begins to suspect they were innocent, and that there's more to the story. There was much more to this long, often dull story, but, by the time Exley began to suspect there was more to the story, I couldn't care less - I'd already lost any interest I might have had for the movie.

Moviegoers who relish crime dramas with an abundance of violence and twisty plots would delight in viewing this movie, but I didn't, mainly because the numerous, dizzy plot turns were confusing and the violent action scenes repetitive.

My Rating = Two Stars

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