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Where do Hollywood bigwigs get these awful scripts, anyway? Do they dig them out of starving playrights' trashcans? Do they hire people to write terrible scripts just for the purpose of torturing the audience? Or do they simply think the public will be so stupid as to like this rubbish?

Kull the Conqueror is the new king of a medieval empire. Half the people in his court plot to overthrow him, and a couple of them even bring back a long- dead evil priestess. Your typical good-versus-evil struggle ensues.

After 45 minutes of "struggle" viewing, I ducked into the ladies room to get away from this mind- numbing waste of film. I would have stayed there for the rest of the movie if my dad hadn't knocked on the door and reminded me that I should sit through the movie if I wanted the pleasure of giving it a bad review. (He knows I always hide out in the ladies room when I dislike (hate?) a movie.)

Most of the acting was unbearably insincere, the costumes mundane, and the long list of credits were the best part of the movie.

My Rating = One Star

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