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Krippendorf's Tribe



Krippendorf's Tribe
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Although I'm not a big Richard Drefuss fan, (I did think he was terrific in Mr. Holland's Opus), I thoroughly loved Krippendorf's Tribe.

Dreyfuss is Professor Krippendorf, an anthropologist and single father, whose wife apparently died of a tropical disease on their last family trip to Africa, while he was searching for a lost tribe of African natives. Now, because he used up quite a lot of grant money on the trip, he is forced to pretend that he did find the tribe, when he didn't. So he enlists the aid of his children in creating a false video of the "natives" (played by his children). He also gets an annoying female colleague drunk and takes embarrassing videos of her dancing around in a hula skirt, which he promptly airs on television! (He calls it a "mating ritual").

She gets back at him, however, in a hilarious scene where he dresses up as a native for another TV appearance. She shows up unexpectedly and forces him to eat a slug, saying "all the natives eat slugs".

This may not make sense, but the plot is so stupid, it's brilliant. Dreyfuss's acting is superb for a comedy, and this is definitely his best work since Mr.Holland's Opus. If only he'd make more movies like this.

My Rating = Four Stars

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