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Knock Off



Knock Off
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Knock Off is a plotless, confusing mess of a movie that never quite manages the feat of making sense - or providing something commonly known as entertainment.

From what I could gather, a bunch of spies, CIA agents, and con artists (Jean-Claude Van Damme, Lela Rochon, Rob Schneider, Paul Sorvino) are all mixed up in a counterfeit textile scheme. You never can quite figure out which ones are supposed to be the good guys, and they switch roles so many times you still can't tell by the end of the movie. Apparently, somebody wants to plant tiny explosive chips in the counterfeit products and detonate them once they are sold, killing many innocent people. (The motive was never quite clear, either.)

The acting is terrible, especially on the part of Lela Rochon, who was at least somewhat better in Why Do Fools Fall in Love?. She literally looks like she's reading her lines. Even Paul Sorvino can't overcome the lack of good scripting. Knock Off will certainly be knocked out of the box office and straight into video stores, FAST.

My Rating = One Star

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