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Kissing a Fool



Kissing a Fool
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David Schwimmer is one of those actors who is amusing in a comedy for, say, twenty minutes, then becomes very tiresome. So is the case with his latest romantic comedy, Kissing a Fool.

It's not that Schwimmer's acting is bad, or that the plot isn't at least temporarily diverting, but Schwimmer always seems to be playing the same character (in all of his movies he's that laughable, lonely guy).

Here again, he plays Max Abbit a lonely sportscaster who's best friend, Jay, an author, sets Max up with his editor, Sam. They fall for each other in record time, and within two weeks they're planning their wedding. Then Max asks Jay to try to get Sam to sleep with him, just to see if she's faithful to him. Meanwhile, he leaves town and cheats on her. And Jay and Sam really do fall for each other.

There are some funny scenes, but the story gets old, and it's all too clear who is going to end up with whom.

My Rating = Two Stars

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