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Kiss the Girls



Kiss the Girls
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This electrifyingly, suspenseful movie will be one of this fall's best thrillers.

Ashley Judd stars as Kate McTiernan, a young doctor who is abducted(from her own home, no less) by a psychotic serial killer who keeps his "kidnapped women" chained in an underground slave quarter where he stores them in individual rooms, and does whatever he wants to them. McTiernan manages to escape, therefore becoming an enormous aid to the forensic psychologist and detective, Alex Cross (Morgan Freeman) whose niece, Naomi Cross, has been kidnapped by the same maniac.

Some scenes were so intense that no one in the audience moved, much less breathed, and the theatre was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop. In one such scene, McTiernan realizes someone is in her house and creeps around in the dark looking for him. She watches, transfixed, as a closet door handle slowly rattles - then a hand shoots out and grabs her from behind. The audience gasped out loud! (Me, too.)

Don't take kids under twelve to this frightening movie, or older kids who scare easily. Not only is it intense, but it's the sort of movie that will rattle you enough that you'll be looking over your shoulder breathlessly as you walk to your car. And, don't go alone.

My Rating = Four Stars

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