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I remember reading one review of Kingpin that slated it as another Dumb and Dumber or something like that. (It was when the movie was released last year, so I don't remember exactly what it said.) Whoever wrote that was right! This is one comically stupid film about - you guessed it - two stupid guys. One of them, Munson, is a former bowling champion who lost his hand, and any chance of a big bowling career, in an unfortunate run-in with a bunch of thugs. The other guy, Ishmoo, a pleasant Amish fellow, has but one vice : he secretly enjoys bowling and is a great bowler, too. In fact, Munson wants Ishmoo to leave the Amish commune and pursue a bowling career. Munson, of course, would manage Ishmoo's career and receive half the profits. Not knowing any better, na´ve Ishmoo agrees.

This results in some corny but laughable scenes. At one point, while on the Amish commune, Munson slurps from a bucket and proclaims " I got up early so I milked your cow!" Ishmoo's father responds "Um, we don't have a cow, but we do have a bull..."

In yet another hilarious scene, Ishmoo uses a men's room for the first time, and, is the recipient of many odd and unusual stares.

If you're groaning as you read this, instead of laughing like you should be, don't rent Kingpin. But if you have a sense of humor, like I do, check it out!

My Rating = Four Stars

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