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Keeping the Faith
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Keeping the Faith is an original, intriguing romantic comedy.

Edward Norton and Ben Stiller are two best friends with totally different occupations - Norton is a Catholic priest, and Stiller is a Jewish rabbi. As kids, they formed a best friend trio with a cute girl named Anna, who moved away when they were twelve.

Now, grownup Anna (Jenna Elfman) is single, nearing thirty and is back in her old hometown - New York City, where both Norton and Stiller are still fond of her. While Stiller doesn't think he'll be promoted to head rabbi until he gets hitched, Norton, being a priest, has no romantic life - although he decides he may be willing to give up the priesthood for Anna.

So, you've got the best-friends-fighting-over-a-girl plot - that in itself - isn't new. However, the setup and characters are an innovative twist. Keeping the Faith wasn't predictable, in terms of who would end up with Anna, either.

Audio VersionSomehow, I expected Keeping the Faith to be more farcical, though it was indeed quite funny in some scenes, but not as much as I had hoped.

My Rating = Three Stars

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