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Kazaam: Big genie, big build-up, big disappointment for movie-goers.

Max Conner, a young city kid, living in a tough neighborhood accidentally knocks over a boom box which contains a 3,000 year old genie. Oops! Max has freed Kazaam - the genie. Kazaam's only desire is to grant Max his three wishes as soon as possible, and get back to sleep.

The movie ambles along with Max denying Kazaam's powers , and trying to lose Kazaam. It can't be done. Kazaam sticks to Max like glue. Max has other problems as well and different subplots enter as the movie drags along.

Max's mother is getting remarried. Why is a twelve year old so upset that his single mother is getting remarried? (I'd be more upset about the lies his mom told him.) Why the sudden search for the "no-good thief " his real father turns out to be?

This movie is predictable, with the action coming between long boring segments. Like I said, it's a disappointment. Skip it!

My Rating = One Star

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