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Jumpin' Jack Flash



Jumpin' Jack Flash
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Jumpin' Jack Flash is a smashing spy comedy starring terrific comic actress Whoopi Goldberg.

Goldberg drolly portrays Terry Doolittle, an aptly named bank employee who chit chats with other bank employees across the country via a computer transfer network that struck me as an early version of the Internet. While working late, she is contacted by a man who simply calls himself Jumpin' Jack Flash, and appeals to her for help, claiming to be a spy trapped in Europe. At first she thinks he's a practical joker, especially when an embarrassing visit with the British consulate reveals that she was given incorrect information. Or were they just lying to her? Jack swears they were, and the situation soon becomes serious - she meets a man on the wharf and witnesses his murder. Later, at the police station, she cusses out a police officer that doesn't take her seriously, and a nosy but supposedly concerned coworker has to drag her away screaming. "It's an illness," he explains as she continues to shout obscenities, "People can't stop swearing and they don't even know they're doing it."

In yet another hilarious scene, Terry dresses up as Tina Turner in order to get into an international ball and snoop around. The cleverly written movie continues in this manner, and never becomes dull for a moment.

My Rating = Four Stars

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