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Jumanji, starring Robin Williams, is an exciting, rental movie for kids.

Recently adopted by their Aunt Nora, orphans Judy and Peter move into a colossal yet run down old mansion. Upstairs, they discover a game (Jumanji) which , when played, releases a horde of wild animals, African vines, and, wackiest of all, a man named Alan. Twenty-six years ago, when Alan was just a boy, he became trapped in the game, and has remained there ever since, until Peter and Judy released him. Of course, this leaves him with a lot of catching up to do. (For instance, he almost cuts himself trying to shave, and it's amusing to watch a thirty-something year old have a difficult time shaving!) Meanwhile, Peter and Judy discover that the only way to stop the wild animals and other assorted horrors of the game is to find Alan's original partner and convince her to play the game with them - and, hopefully, help them win.

Rent this video for a comfortable family movie, with a believable plot, and mild yet pleasing special effects.

My Rating = Three Stars

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