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Joe's Apartment



Joe's Apartment
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Forget that the film, Joe's Apartment, is completely moronic and could only have been written by a complete nincompoop - it's hysterical. Just be sure to turn off your brain before you turn on your VCR so you can enjoy it.

Joe, a small-town Iowa boy, moves to New York City after college, and immediately gets mugged several times. Searching for a cheap apartment, he finally manages to wheedle his way into a rent-controlled dump by posing as the late last tenant's son. Because he is such a slob - I mean, he is totally disgusting - the roaches co-inhabiting his apartment love him - and because they are talking roaches, they tell him so, and decide to become follow him everywhere, which gets him fired from quite a few jobs. (In one scene, he delivers a pizza that is crawling with roaches! EWWWW!!!) Not to mention that the roaches also scare off his love interest, Lilly.

Rent this entertaining, if ludicrous, film only if you know how to disengage all intelligent thinking for the duration of the movie (which is only 81 minutes long).

My Rating = Three Stars

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