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Jingle All the Way



Jingle All the Way
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If you see Jingle all the Way that's just what you'll do - listen to jingly background Christmas music all the way through the movie . And that's the fun part. Usually you don't notice background music , but in a flick as boring and unoriginal as this , you can't help noticing that there's more Christmas music than laughable, comical scenes. With Sinbad in it , I expected it to be a riot. Come on, what happened to Sinbad between Houseguest and Jingle all the Way? Was he held up and robbed of his natural comedic talent? Was the First Kid movie the first sign of Sinbad losing his touch, or was it just the script?

Yes, Arnold Swarzenegger, too, is in Jingle All the Way, and remains as incredibly good looking as ever , and, no, he doesn't appear to have lost his acting talent, but, what can he do with such a corny script?

The plot? Seven year old, Jamie, wants an action figure doll for Christmas and overworked dad (Arnold Swarzenegger) not only misses Jamie's important karate class but forgets to buy the doll . Off in a desperate search for the doll , he meets a disgruntled, postal worker Sinbad ), who is also searching for the same doll. So, neither Dad can find the doll; that's really a bummer.

Little kids may like this movie, but......older kids and adults may end up thinking the same thing I did : "When is this movie going to end?!"

My Rating = Two Stars

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