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Jerry Maguire



Jerry Maguire
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Jerry Maguire is a movie that captures your attention - honestly. No stupid pranks, no ridiculously ludicrous one- liners (ok, except for the ever-famous "Show me da money"), no far - out plot, and definitely no fancy special effects. It's just got a great story line. Period...

Jerry Maguire is a sports agent with the perfect life: good career, beautiful fiance, nice New York apartment. Then one day he realizes the superficiality of his life, and writes a mission statement for his agency that, while well-written and completely correct, gets him fired. Next, he breaks up with his materialistic fiance (I particularly enjoyed the scene where she punched him out) and starts his own company. The only employee from his old company who agreed to leave with him, struggling widow Dorothy Boyd, soon becomes his new love interest (well, who wouldn't fall for a guy as good - looking as Tom Cruise?). Although he starts his new company with only one client, and high principles, Jerry is determined to make it, with Dorothy's support.

As a movie Jerry Maguire was a huge success thanks in part to Cruise's name (not to say that his acting isn't superb and completely convincing), but it also had a well -written script, and it most definitely deserves a full four stars.

My Rating = Four Stars

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