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Jaws might have been a huge movie years ago, and it just isn't as captivating as modern thrillers, with their superior special effects and more complicated plots, but it's still engaging - to a point.

It becomes apparent to the police chief of an island town that a shark is on the loose - something rare near their location. First a local girl goes skinny-dipping and her body later washes up on shore, badly mutilated by - what else? - a shark. Later, a little boy is killed in the water as well, and a shark expert is called in. Despite the warnings from the Police Chief and the shark expert, the Mayor decides to keep the beaches open for the Fourth of July weekend, the biggest weekend of the summer. After all, they can't lose customers and money over something as minor as a man-eating shark, can they?

It's hardly a surprise what happens next: the shark shows up and threatens to ruin the big weekend anyway. Even the police chief's son may be the next victim, so they're in a mad rush to catch and kill the shark. And you know how movies like that always end.

The acting is pretty cliche - people screaming, "Help! A shark!" in overly dramatic tones. The background music is more annoying than frightening, and the movie only held my attention for about the first forty-five minutes.

My Rating = Two Stars

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